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Q. What is latex?
A. Latex is a milky liquid derived from the rubber tree (Havea Brasilienis).  It is used either purely, then molded and manufactured; or blended with synthetic materials. Dunlop latex is 100% natural latex from the milk of the rubber tree and is free of synthetics and additives.  Talalay latex either blends with synthetic materials or is all synthetic latex (styrene-butadiene rubber).

Q. Why choose a natural latex mattress?
A. Natural latex is a healthy choice due to its antimicrobial, mold, mildew, and dust-mite resistant properties.  It is the longest lasting, most resilient, pressure-relieving bedding material to combine both optimal support and relaxing comfort.  Natural latex is an open-celled material, which means that it has excellent air circulation resulting in a cooler sleeping environment. As well as being the healthiest choice for you, a natural latex mattress is the most environmentally friendly mattress for our planet.

Q. Are latex mattresses hard?
A. They were hard when latex was first foamed into a mattress product in 1929.  Later, the Talalay process created mattresses with a greater range of “feel” and firmness.  Today the manufactures of the Dunlop system (all natural latex) produce a very wide range of feels from soft to firm, all without the added chemicals and processing used to create Talalay latex. Whatever your comfort preference there is an option available.

Q. Which type of latex is in the products at Majestic Sit & Sleep?
A. Majestic offers a range of both blended talalay latex as well as 100% natural latex.

.Q. How long can I expect my latex mattress to last?
A.  A well made natural latex mattress should give you a wonderful sleep for over 20 years.  To ensure a long life for your latex mattress, the use of a mattress pad and simply turning the mattress from end to end occasionally will help keep your investment in good condition.

Q. Why is wool in a latex mattress?
A.  Wool is a natural fire retardant, and its unique ability to absorb and release moisture makes it the best body temperature regulator for warmer winter sleeps and cooler summer nights!  Our natural latex mattresses contain either organic and/or virgin untreated wool.

Q.  What is the hype about “memory foam” and “natural memory foam”?
A.  Memory foam was created to relieve pressure on the body.  For most sleepers memory foam is effective however there are three common drawbacks to the material.  Firstly, warm sleepers may find memory foam can reflect and trap their heat causing discomfort and restlessness.  Secondly, memory foam’s marshmallow type feel has a slow recovery time resulting in difficulties for some turning in bed. And lastly, no memory foam is all natural or as durable as natural latex.

Q. What are the differences between natural latex and memory foam?
A. Most importantly, our natural latex mattresses are made of natural latex, wool and organic cotton. All memory foam mattresses are made from petrochemicals.  Some greener foams may include up to a 20% plant content such as Bioh foam. Other manufacturers sometimes add essential oils and/or green tea extract to mask the chemical smell in the foam. There are no other proven benefits to adding these ingredients.
Consumers need to know that some manufacturers claim to be manufacturing chemical-free natural memory foam and that they are ‘green’ from the source-to-manufacturing. These claims however have not been proven*. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. *See attachment

Q. What is the difference in feel between latex and memory foam mattresses?
A. There is an obvious and distinctive difference in the feel of each type of material.  Some enjoy the ‘marshmallow’ consistency of memory foam which slowly contours the body and slowly returns to shape when you move.  Natural latex however responds to your body instantly and returns instantly. Both can be soft or firm.

Q. Is Majestic Sit & Sleep a member of the Better Business Bureau?
A. Yes. For over 17 years Majestic has been a member in good standing with an A+ rating.


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